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Posted on 03-07-2017

This blog is for those who already know, those who were wondering, and if ya don’t care stop reading now!! So the question that has been asked several times at our office is WHY IS DR. SCOTT’S NECK SO SWOLLEN aka WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT FELLA?????  So I decided to write a blog about it…..after you read this, you may chat with me in person, in private, or just say hey….now I know.  So just over 3 ½ years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Indolent Follicular Lymphoma, Cancer of the Lymphatic System and a rather late stage in the game (there are 4 stages and I was at #3).  It was totally out of the blue and unexpected, especially after years of practicing and I mean years of healthy eating, regular exercise, meditation, etc.  Jeez I even taught seminars and was a health expert for a radio show on healthy living.  So needless to say a bit SHOCKED! So Lymphoma 101: Lymphoma (Lymphatic Cancer) happens when the immune system becomes weakened,  eventually fatigues, and literally breaks down. The body can no longer defend itself, thus “bad cells” develop and begin to takeover.  This happens from exposures as a child or adult, exposures being physical, chemical, and emotional stressors.  So I had a weak immune system somethings pushed me out of balance (which after much personal analysis, I had a perfect storm of those stressor hit over a period of two plus years).  Now much of the lymphatic system drains into the left neck region, so it is common to see people with Lymphoma with swollen necks, or bumps and lumps throughout their body.  After my holistic treatments I thank god only have a swollen neck now ie less than stage 3 now, but I have declined radiating my body with a PET scan to see how good I am doing, maybe I will have one soon who knows... So my story again…. after months of meeting with oncologists and pathologists I decided to go a non-traditional route mainly because the prognosis with chemotherapy-radiation was really poor.   So then I began the adventure of meeting with the the “Outliers”: the non-traditional oncologists, nutritionists, therapists, naturopaths, holistic medical clinics, cancer clinics, and I met some plain old whacky folks.  I literally have spoken to specialists all over the world to develop my current “protocols”.  In addition to meeting with all the people above, I completed training in Therapeutic Nutrition and Functional Medicine to know exactly what I needed to do to fully recover and support a long, healthy, vitality life.  I will be sharing my experiences along with the specialists’ recommendations during the Cancer Classes we will host this year…..more to come on that too. So there are several reasons why I travel each year to Costa Rica for 2-3 months each year.   This time away allows me to spend time with my wife Melissa (most of you know her but she is AMAZING!! to say the least),  it gives me time to research and start new holistic therapies, time to rest and t continue healing, and oh ya… to have FUN!!  NOW  my neck…. Over the past few years my left neck has been a littler larger than it was, due to healing and Lymphatic Drainage….but My new “issue” started after training for and climbing the Grand Tetons last year. Eureka I made it to the summit, but my immune system tanked and had a hard time recovering.  After the climb, my lymph system and immune system became sluggish.  Several of the docs that I work with said “don’t do it! It will be too taxing on your body and Immune system”, but I thought (stupidly) hey, I am Dr. Scott I have this handled don’t worry about it.  Well I was WRONG, one oncologist called me a dumb ass! More than once, and I cannot disagree.  So off to Costa Rica for healing and recovery….I started Stem Cell Therapy (I will share the details about that during one of the Cancer Classes, and I decided to surf daily.  Surfing is great for the spirit but not optimal for a “swollen neck”, but it sure was AMAZING!  After months of surfing, I tweaked my neck…. the lymph node(s) on the left side along with external jugular vein got compressed.  Thus my neck swelled up to twice the normal size.   So that’s it in a nut shell.  It should take about 10 weeks for my neck to reduce to the “normal healthy size”.  On a positive note all my treatment is going great, I am working with a team of docs and healers from around the world on holistic treatments to heal/cure my body, the prognosis has greatly improved over the past 3 years (YAY!!).  SO my journey continues…. I am happy to share or discuss my health, my current , past care, or future treatments with anyone that might need help or be interested.  Now here is to a healthy happy year for all who took time to read this!!  Cheers Dr. Scott

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